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Candle Care


Each candle is hand-poured with every effort made to maintain quality and consistency. To ensure you receive the most out of your burn time, you will need to give your candle a little extra care by following the instructions below.
Trim your wick to 0.5cm before burning. This will help prevent soot and extend the life of the candle. 

Trimmed wicks will give you a cleaner, brighter burn. Untrimmed wicks are a lot more likely to take on a strange shape that dulls and obscures the flame.
Make sure to always trim your wick before lighting it again. 


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended always keep them company. 

  • Keep candles away from children, pets and furnishings.

  • Stop burning your candles once it is 3cm from the base.

  • Use a candle plate to protect surfaces. Do not place/burn your candle on a heated surface (E.G heater/fire).

  • Never move a burning candle. Allow the candle to cool and solidify before moving it. The candle vessel and wax can become extremely hot when in use.

  • If burning more than one scented candle at a time leave at least 10cm between candles

  • When blowing out a candle make sure the candle is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing. 

  • Never use water to extinguish a candle. Water can cause the hot wax to splatter.