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Our Story

Hello and welcome to my store, I'm so so so happy you're here ☺️

I'm Christen - founder, maker & candle lover. 
I started Christen Your Room after a very tough journey to self-love. I'm still on my journey and learning to love the skin I'm in despite having a very painful tumour that grows smack-bang on the centre of my chest.
I know you’re supposed to separate yourself from your work, but I’m really not one to keep myself and my business separate. My candles have MY heart that’s why my Instagram has all my thoughts and feelings in the images that aren’t candle related. 
I wouldn’t advocate for self-love & self-acceptance if I wasn’t on this journey myself.

When I shared my story with others, that's when the true healing began. I share this with you to welcome you to my room!

My candles are a celebration of the feminine form at every stage you may be in. As I grow, I hope to include even more body shapes and sizes!

My mission is to remind each and every woman that you are enough, just the way you are.

Come as you are. You are welcome here. This is a safe place for people of all backgrounds, skin tones, abilities, and sexual orientations.
🤎 Get to know me on @chris10liveira