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Margarita Candle Set (short)

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These stunning decent sized silver plated Margarita candles are hand-polished by me.

They’re set in a subtle, comforting earthy, heady scent. Top notes of  Vetiver  Patchouli and wood smoke, dropping into clean cedar mid notes in a base of frankincense and soft bergamot, the perfect decor piece for your Christmas table. 

Crafted with our premium natural soya bean and coconut wax blend that is palm oil and petroleum free, free of genetically modified materials and is bio-degradable.

These candles are special to me because I’ve always always loved thrifting and up-cycling, I got these from the Salvation Army so 10% of the profits made from these candles will go right back to the Sallies 🤎  

Our high quality fragrance is free of phthalates, paraffins, petro chemicals and UV inhibitor, parabens and any additives or preservatives 

All our candles are vegan and animal cruelty free.